March 3, 2024

11 thoughts on “Unravelling the Black and White Myth

  1. I’m very galad to meet with your article it gives an information which idon’t before reading it. Therefore, as a Law student now I have something to said with regard to the dress code of law practitioners.


  2. I really appreciated your lesson on this law dressing code below…..I’m glad in saying thanks to you layers nd judge..
    I feel like being among you people as a barrister but maoney doesn’t allow.
    May ye lord help my helpers for them to help me Amen.

  3. on the other hand, some schools of thought are of the believe that the BLACK represent the the burden of the people (society) while the WHITE represent the purity of the heart of the lawyer. to sum up, it means “upon the purity of the lawyers heart, they are carrying the burden of the masses upon them”
    That’s the reason for the black inside (lawyers pure heart) and the BLACK suit and gown upon the white (the burden of the people)

  4. Insightful!

    However, a popular account has it that lawyers wore black gowns to mourn the death of Charles II in 1685. Your account talks about a later event. How do you reconcile that please?

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