How to move from being a Solo Lawyer to being an International Lawyer

Okay fine. So the title says you can move (suggesting to you that you can just leave a place and arrive at another with as little stress as possible, isn’t it?) from being a solo to an international. Hmm. So I am asking you. Is being a solo lawyer a hindrance to becoming international in your practice? Must you pitch tent with a big wig or a collection of big wigs to achieve international repute? Did you say yes? Or no? It’s going to be quite a post for questions today you see. Wait for just one second! Right there. Those “Big Wigs” (picture me doing the quote sign with my forefingers) as we call them, how did they arrive at such international clout and renown? Did they not vote for solo at some point in their lives and careers?

I dare say that being a solo lawyer, or any type of lawyer at all, is not a hindrance to acquiring international acclaim and repute. It just boils down to a clear cut vision passionately pursued to its desired logical conclusion in spite of the many odds and challenges sure to beset the pursuer. History is replete with stories of many such lawyers who not just braved but dared the odds, conquered the odds and rode upon the odds to write their name eternally in the sands of time and renown.

At least we know of the late eminent jurist, foremost litigator and leading human rights activist, Chief Gani Fawehinmi who was known as a voice of the oppressed against the oppressors and a prick of conscience for those in “rulership” in his days. Even after he had passed on, his testament still speaks to generations yet unborn. How did he accomplish it all? It all started with a dream, a vision to which all his attention and dedication was paid. The late Gani Fawehinmi relentlessly pursued his dream and it consequently took him to the shores of worldwide acclaim and repute. The beautiful thing is, irrespective of who you are or what your work is: solo lawyer, working in a law firm, in a Government establishment, as an In-House counsel, you can too! Bear the following few tips in mind, as you go for your goal.

1. Do your research. The best way to make an impression is to deliver beyond expectation. If you are going to do that, dear friend, you need to be more than just an ordinary lawyer, because you see people who achieve extraordinary feats, though ordinary, do not see themselves as such. And they don’t just talk about it like many people do. They take it as a living code, a working philosophy which is beyond just saying “I’m not ordinary”. It guides everything they do, no matter how ordinary it is. Use all materials available to you, around you to speak on the platform of sound research. You will need the goodwill from it. Someday if you don’t give up, your work will have become an enduring dynasty of far and wide acclaim.

2. Look for and shadow a Lawyer doing well in a way you admire. The best way to go further and see farther is to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone far. If somebody is doing something well, you may imbibe same or even improve on it. Given time, determination and persistence, things will begin to work for you too. You too can then become a shoulder for many other budding newbies to lean on.

3. Do not be afraid to listen to your inner voice. If you wait for the perfect conditions, they will never come. Whenever you feel the nudge to start out, be sure you can start and don’t delay on discouraging thoughts. If you wait to have the right amount of money, or right amount of legal contacts, or the right amount of anything, you will not get anything done. He that watches the wind will not sow. There, that’s all from our end for today. What do you say?

Let’s hear you! Share your experiences and challenges and even reservations with us. We love nothing better.

lawpavilion • October 4, 2014

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