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How many times have you heard the cliché: All Lawyers are Liars? How did it make you feel? Did it make your stomach turn? Or did you just laugh and wave it off as “another of those uninformed comments?” The truth is, a remarkably considerable number of people hold this as one of numerous supposed truths about lawyers in general.

That’s not all. There are so many more of such long held beliefs. Some say Lawyers are not trustworthy, others say lawyers are primarily concerned with how much they can get from you; still others say you should go to a lawyer only after you’ve run out of options.

It is sad that many times, these notions are unconsciously helped by the attitude of some lawyers and they don’t even realize it. It is also quite sad that even the lawyers who know about these notions appear not to be concerned about the kind of image they conjure in the mind of people.

The implications of these things on the practice of law may appear negligible, but they are actually far reaching.

Let’s break it down.

Here is how it works summarily. If clients ONLY come to you WHEN they think they have no other choice, then there is a problem, because they should come to you as one of the first resorts, if not the very first.

Can this problem be addressed? The answer is yes. You however need to radically change your approach to the issue of Image. You need to work on presenting yourself to the world as being different. This means you not only need to do things differently, more importantly you need to help people know that you do things differently.

There is a difference between both.

Here’s the Redemption

When people know that you do things differently, their perception about you as a lawyer undergoes a rapid and sustained turnaround. It doesn’t end there; the same people begin to give opinions about you, based on their changed perception. See?

When clients know that you will deliver when you say you will, that you will be in court on the date you said you will, that you will not reschedule that crucial appointment simply because you forgot, that those vital documents will be filed with the court registrar when they should, they will naturally come to you. What you have done in the process is to redeem your image. You may not have changed how people perceive lawyers in general, but you would have changed how prospects perceived you.

In other words, you would have established yourself as the exception, the standout. But to get there, you will have to put in a lot of hard work, sweat and stress. When you add that to your to-do list already filled with court appearances, client satisfaction, appointments to meet, bills to pay and other day to day activities of the normal lawyer, it’s quite demanding.

Don’t give up yet. There is good news. Meet your Dutiful Assistant!

Picture this scenario. You wake up in the morning; your assistant is there to tell you all you have to do for the day. He reads you everything you have planned and also reminds you of what next to do any time you call on him. What’s more, he is with you wherever you go. In other words, he makes your day to day job so easy that you always appear on point. He doesn’t complain; he never tires. The best thing about this assistant is that he doesn’t cost you much. What Lawyer wouldn’t like to have such an assistant?

Here at LawPavilion, We have that assistant for you. Yes, you read that right. This assistant is a tool which will remarkably relieve your practice of the hitherto day to day “push and pull” that makes clients think lawyers are all the wrong things, and in the process you will have effortlessly redeemed your image.

I bet you want to meet this dutiful assistant? You will find him here, and I assure you your practice will be the better for it, and you will have LawPavilion to thank.

Have you met your dutiful assistant? No? Get going right away!

Case Manager

lawpavilion • November 6, 2014

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