Become more than “Just a Lawyer”

The atmosphere was electric. The speakers were fiery. The participants were glued to the edge of their seats, animated. It had been one of the biggest and most educating law conferences organized in recent times. I quietly scanned the expansive hall where we were gathered, and I saw countless faces illuminated with expressions of hope, of a great future.

Then I saw Him.

I recognised him instantly. Dunsin, my long-time colleague and friend who usually has a permanent smile plastered on his face was not smiling right now. If anything, he was pensive, bewildered, his jaw rested on his right palm as he stared into the distance, lost in thought.

I caught up with Dunsin and inquired what the matter was. He stared at me long and hard, and then dropped the bombshell. “I was just wondering, how do I make myself visible in the midst of all these lawyers? How do I become more than just a lawyer?”

Dunsin’s quagmire is not peculiar. Many lawyers today think that way too. What I told Dunsin is what I am going to share with you right now, and it’s about becoming more than “just a lawyer”, using branding as your tool.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is about two major things:

Identifying what makes you unique and relevant. This is the information your prospective client wants, not necessarily your posh suit and fancy tie.Communicating what you have identified and doing it consistently so that you can attain your career goals.

Let’s face it, the conditions that define the law practice environment have transformed very rapidly over the last few years. In today’s world, you need to understand your strengths, skills, passions, and values, and then use this information to separate yourself from your competitors. It’s the easiest way to really stand out.

When you have a strong Personal Brand, you send out a clear and consistent message about who you are and what you have to offer. You soon become known for what you’re good at, you are set apart from everyone else, and thus you define your position in the law practice environment.

IT is available to you, Use it!

In today’s technology-driven world, a great personal brand must employ technological tools like the internet, social media websites and IT applications to drive its public awareness and acceptance. To set this up, you need Legal IT experts such as LawPavilion.

The truth is that, prospective clients are more likely to first know about your brand online. In that light, employing technology in your brand development process is a winning strategy. More so, when you engage the services of long term experts on the subject matter such as LawPavilion.

Why Should You Brand?

Your Practice needs a Persona: Clients will not necessarily come to you because of your size or class of degree. It will be because they know you, your reputation, your character and your track record. In other words, your persona will attract clients to you. That is, you create the value clients desire through your persona.

Transform your Practice: Honestly speaking, Personal Branding will transform your practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solicitor, an advocate, an insolvency practitioner, a litigations expert, name it. Whether you are generally looking for clients, trying to retain old clients or attempting to get a particular client, your personal brand is the key that unlocks your desire.

Customise your Role: Many people fall into the easy trap of thinking they will attract more clients if they appear to be doing more. Unfortunately, the reverse is mostly the case. Branding will help you communicate who you are and what you do repeatedly and thus the message will endure for longer in the minds of those it targets.

The Benefits of a Great Personal Brand

There are numerous benefits. However, let’s look at a few:

You get more of the right kind of clients: Whatever defines “right kind of clients” for you: more affluent, a particular ethnic group, a certain set of connections, the best way to attract them in their droves is to build a tailored Personal Brand.

You increase your earning potential: Your Personal Brand will position you as one of the top players in your aspect of the law practice. As such, you’ll be able to demand higher pay from your clients without fear of losing them.

You get consistent flow of business: As soon as your brand is up and running, your practice naturally becomes more visible. Your name, expertise and strengths become well known. When you’re consistently ensuring that your Personal Brand message gets to the public, business comes to you in a steady stream and you won’t have to struggle with getting clients.

You enjoy “quick recall” status: Anytime there is a need for someone with your expertise, or an opportunity avails where you are one of numerous candidates, your name is one of the first that comes to mind.

Increased credibility and recognition: The logic of the average client is that if you’re well-known, you must be good. Thus, having a Personal Brand works to your advantage because it primarily makes you well known. Your ideas and decisions pull weight and credibility. This automatically earns you recognition and credit for the things you accomplish. Your personal brand becomes your megaphone which announces you to the world.


Personal Branding can do wonders to your practice, it’s guaranteed. It’s about time you got away from the level you currently operate on, and moved to a level where your full potentials can find consistent expression. However, you will need information technology tools in getting there but don’t panic, because LawPavilion has got you covered. When it comes to technological solutions to law practice challenges, we are ideally positioned to give you the best.

lawpavilion • November 5, 2014

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