The Nagamoto Retainer: The Challenge


That evening Grace gets a surprise phone call from the Nagamoto Industries’ Head of Legal, Ms Miko Hiyabosa. She confirms that Grace met Mr Nagamoto earlier that day and informs her of the Brief that will be sent to her email in a few minutes, she also askes for a confirmation of receipt, pleasantries are shared and she hangs up, Grace is in shock as she is beginning to realize that this could be the biggest brief of her career.

Nathan is also sitting down on his hotel bed in shock, he has also received the call and he has stars in his eyes.

The most shocked of all is Jimoh, earlier that day after collecting Mr Nagamoto’s business card, Jimoh entered a taxi to his hotel and forgot the card in the taxi, he has Miko’s phone number but that is all he has right now, he also remembers that his e-mail address is not really working as he has not used it for a while. Jimoh is an old school Legal Practitioner with 40 years of practice under his belt, he thrives by forming friendships with connected clients and profitable discussions in expensive country clubs.

This approach to obtaining briefs is new to him. He keeps on asking himself, “where did he ever meet Mr Nagamoto before, or is it one of his friends that recommended him to the distinguished Japanese man?” he reaches for his card roll deck, time to make some calls. At exactly 9 pm Seoul time, the briefs begin to drop into e-mail boxes, the race to the Nagamoto brief starts here.



Grace had earlier entered Mr Nagamoto’s contact details into her LawPavilion Case Manager interface and her Team in Nigeria had taken note of it, she has also entered Ms Miko’s number and designated her the Head of Legal Nagamoto Industries and informed Hamza (her Partner and Head of the Corporate Commercial Desk of the Firm) and Chioma (Head of Litigation) of this development.

She has changed Mr Nagamoto’s status from ‘Lead’ to ‘Client’ under NAGAMOTO INDUSTRIES in the LawPavilion Case Manager interface. The Mail outlining the brief has been distributed to her Corporate Commercial and Litigation teams. Her team is ready to go!

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lawpavilion • August 8, 2019

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