June 15, 2024

5 thoughts on “Gender Parity and Prohibition of Violence against Women Bill

  1. My view is that most of the senators who opposed the Bill have not even read it. They just assume from the name of the Bill that what it intends to do,is to make Nigerian women to start insulting their male counterparts.If you doubt me, take a census. So the Bill was opposed out of ignorance.

  2. Nigerian state has a binding international commitment to eradicate violence against women and sexual discrimination, the senate is not adequately informed that there’s a global obligation in this regard that is universally accepted as civilized norms. This principles and purpose reinforces democratic ideals and the National assembly represent a true reflection of democracy, nevertheless, the gender parity in the senate the men senators were elected by both men and women from their constituency before they emerged as senators, then is this how to pay them back? Equality and non-discrimination against women translate in to development and peace.

  3. It is the kernel of ignorance to oppose and kick against what you do not know. It is like saying: ‘do not confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up’ . I humbly implore the disinguished senators to read the bill well and know the comtents before they can properly be guided instead of just throwing it out unceremoniously as they did.

  4. Recect incindences of violence against women which led to fatalities ought to have influenced right thinking lawmakers that our women folk needs protection. L

  5. I want to agree with Eka that the bill was opposed out of ignorance. I mean, some of them aren’t as informed as we think. Also, women need to awake and put aside the believe that we are not up for this. Women should actively involve in politics.

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