Diary of a Naija Lawyer


Diary of a Naija lawyer features a collection of remarkable experiences of Nigerian lawyers. Pull up a seat and enjoy this episode about a lawyer’s experience with the Judge.

My court experience

I had just recently been called to the Nigerian Bar but until this Tuesday morning, I had always appeared with the senior associates at the law firm. My senior colleague thought it would be the perfect teachable moment for me to appear before the judge, alone.

After all, it was a simple, uncontested application for substituted service. My anxiety was getting the better of me so I wrote down everything I was going to say and learnt it word for word, in hopes that being extra prepared would ease my anxiety.

I moved my motion without any hitches, then I referred to the Judge as “YOU”. Let me explain, the Judge asked me a question and I said, “YOU asked us to come back on this date”.  The Judge, from his exalted position, adjusted his glasses and said to me, “come again”. You see, I wasn’t sure what I had said wrong so I did come again. Safe to say, by the time My Lord was done with me, I learnt not to ever refer to a Judge in the third person.

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lawpavilion • January 18, 2022

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