Diary of a Naija Lawyer


Diary of a Naija lawyer features a collection of remarkable experiences of Nigerian lawyers. Pull up a seat and enjoy this episode about a new wig’s experience in the court.

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Damilola Afolabi’s Experience

As a new wig, my first few appearances in court cleared all the illusions I had about life in law practice. Here I was thinking practice was going to be like Suits, Conviction, Bull (all courtroom series), where justice literally rested upon the shoulders of lawyers and their job seemed like the noblest of all.

I got to court with my principal, all decked out ready to help in the administration of justice, and all the 13 cases thereabout on the Cause List were for mention and picking of dates.

When we got out of the courtroom, I remember asking my principal if the court was going on recess and if we were going to come back to actually do our job, lol. He told me we were done with the court for that day. And that was the case for most of our court appearances for that period.

That first experience opened my eyes to the real law practice and how it transcends the glam and pomp that society associates with the profession.

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lawpavilion • May 10, 2022

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