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5 Services You can Offer International Clients as a Lawyer in Nigeria

The increasing internet penetration around the world has made the world more open in time and space. 20 years ago, it was difficult to imagine that you could fully coordinate a cross-border partnership on behalf of your client, but today, you can also go as far as initiating smart contracts using block-chain technology. Today, a…

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Running a Law Firm Online in Nigeria

A virtual law firm is no different or less professional than a law firm with a physical address. The basic difference is that the later isn’t necessarily paying rent or as much operational/personnel fees as the former, and so focuses its expenditure on its day-to-day process and the digital tools that make those processes run…

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Dear Private Practitioner, Focus on Educational Videos

While direct marketing or advertisement of any form is not allowed in the legal industry, there are very smart ways to “sell your service” as a private practitioner, and giving people free advice is one sure way to make that happen. There are so many people out there who don’t know how to go about…

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How Video Marketing can Improve every Lawyer’s Earnings

Although your options for online marketing are vast, nevertheless if you’re ready to venture into the sometimes-frustrating realm of online marketing, video production is a key area to consider. Beyond the obvious fact that videos can catch our attention faster than posters and other forms of media do, video is also arguably much more dynamic. And these…

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