June 15, 2024

5 thoughts on “The Religious Preaching Bill 2016

  1. thank you for your great analysis of the bill. However, you did not consider the functionality of the JNI and CAN. Take notice that d only function these two bodies have under the bill is to ISSUE THE LICENCE. You will notice that the only body that can approve the applications is the inter faith ministerial committee which only the governor can appoint members thereto. Leaving the governor with the ultimate power. The crucial question is how will he compose this interfaith committee. I submit that aside from the fact that the bill runs fowl of the constitution which must lead to its failure, no single individual must have the kind of powers this bill seeks to arrogate to the governor. This is a bad bill and I sense it will lead to a serious crisis should it be passed into law. Thank you

  2. I am a Christian, I seems not to share the views that the bill favours one religion.The amendment became necessary owing to the security challenges.

  3. As to the so called bias in the fixed timing for prayers,Muslims have a universal codified timings for prayers.Is there any such in Christianity?
    The 8pm prayer is of course the last obligatory prayer among Muslims but voluntary prayers go beyond that.
    Try pointing out the bias, if any, but those you mention are full of subjectivity and bias. It would have been looked at from the perspective of both religions and not from one angle.

  4. An interesting read. Let’s assume the government put the bill forward with the best of intentions, may I kindly ask how the good folks at LP will go about solving this very serious issue? (no charge please…pro bono lol)

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