Enjoy the power of Primsol from within MS Word


Have you ever tried to work on a long brief in Microsoft Word? It can be a nightmare. It should be easy to do. Especially when you need to access legal authorities and precedents such as statutes, cases, and regulations while working on Microsoft Word. And you know how important citations are, that even some lawyers cite in their sleep.

Can we solve these challenges without leaving our favourite Microsoft Word?
Definitely, yes.!!

Microsoft Word Plugin bridges the gap between you and legal research. Offers many benefits that can help with reviewing and drafting documents on the road, at court, in the office … on-the-go. Make the most out of the tool you rely on the most by leveraging the full power of Primsol from within the Microsoft Word application to automatically identify legal citations in documents.

Visit Primsol.lawpavilion.com to enjoy this feature today.

lawpavilion • July 6, 2022

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