Creating briefs on Case Manager in 3 simple steps


With myriads of benefits that comes with using Case Manager, plus new features added each day, your best bet to moving your firm to the clouds is right under your nose!

Leave no stone unturned with our innovative all-in-one practice management system that is your most trusted assistant in managing your law firm confidently to exceed your lawyering goals

One of the practice features of the robust tool is document management and you can easily create your briefs in three simple steps.

  • Click on the “briefs” button on the side menu and select the category of brief. Then follow steps 2 and 3 below.
  • Click the “New Brief” button. Fill in the necessary details and click on “next”. Fill in the remaining part of the form and  click the “create” button.
  • Your newly created brief will appear on your homepage. You can click on it to review or preview.

lawpavilion • January 27, 2022

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