July 18, 2024


  1. Does this means that all the other provisions of the 1990 CAMA remain the same under the proposed CAMA?

  2. It is exciting to hear that the much awaited amendment to CAMA as eventually come to life.
    With this CAC will have no reasons to further delay the long awaited online post incorporation process, to further the process of doing business in Nigeria.

  3. This is a fuller version of what I’ve seen online. Good job. Hope the bill goes through and achieves the goal.

  4. Thanks for this article. The law obviously incorporates a number of procedures already in place and new innovations. It also shows that rather than rely on roles conferred by statute, lawyers need to innovate to be relevant in company matters

  5. To me it is a good piece of Legislation, however, the only problem I have with the Proposed CAMA is that it has whittled down the role of Legal Practitioners in the incorporation of Companies. In my opinion, the formation stage of a Company is fundamental and may have some far adverse legal effects subsequently, if certain things are not done right. So making the place of lawyers in the incorporation process non-essential, the consequences may be far reaching and it will be bad for the Country.

  6. Thank you for the detailed review on the new bill. I would appreciate if a copy of the bill you used for this particular review can be shared with me. According to the copy I have section 329(1) which you quoted about small companies being exempted from having Company Secretaries actually talks about companies keeping accounting records.

    I want to ensure I have the right copy.

  7. The write up has summarised the proposed CAMA 2018 and spelt out the merit and demerits of the proposed law. Indeed, this will assist both corporate and non corporate practitioners to understand the new innovation of the proposed law and enable same to advise both their clients and members of public. It is well analysed.

  8. Thank u for the work well done, but I have a question pls it is an assignment I was given to summit on Tuesday on: That, how has CAMA enchance the statue of a company secretary?

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