December 2, 2023

7 thoughts on “An Overview Of The Statutory Notices Required For The Eviction Of A Tenant In Nigeria

  1. Very precise and straight forward. Non-Lawyers will benefit immensely from this article and it is highly recommended.

  2. Can a landlord write and serve quit notices to the tenant
    What’s the situation if a tenant is owing some months rent
    What is the situation if a tenant is not owing
    How many months notice shall a landlord give to tenant to increase rent

  3. Dami, Grateful for this illuminating piece. You have saved me from taking the law into my hands. The writing is simple and straight forward not embedded with the usual legal terms which makes reading legal document cumbersome to understand.

  4. Where a tenant intends to quit a property before the expiration of the rent, must the tenant give the landlord a notice to quit

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