5 Reasons You Should Upgrade To Prime 6.0


Earlier I wrote to you about the release of our latest version of LawPavilion Prime – Prime 6.0, the Winner’s Prime. Have you upgraded to this new version yet? If not, I want to share with you five (5) unique reasons why you need to make the upgrade or subscribe to Prime if you are yet to.

Succeeding in the legal profession is hinged on the mastery of three (3) core elements:

  • Knowledge,
  • Insight, and
  • Strategy

Knowledge of the law and access to it, Insight which is an understanding of patterns, behaviours, preferences and trends, and Strategy – the mastery of how to win, sway and prevail as you plead issues for your clients. Prime 6.0 is the tool that sits at the nexus of all three elements – giving you access to limitless knowledge of the law (beyond just law reports), equipping you with insight through Artificial Intelligence enabled legal analytics and helping you strategically win by presenting you with foresight and predictive analysis from thousands of co-experts across numerous areas of legal expertise.

This is exactly why I feel the need to share these five reasons why moving to the winning side is more than just an option but a necessity if you must be the legal practitioner that clients can count on for the win.

Here are the top FIVE (5) REASONS YOU SHOULD UPGRADE to Prime 6.0 or BUY YOURS today and join the unique league of winning legal practitioners who are enjoying the deluxe experience:

  1. A.I. Document Review: Document and contract review can be a time-consuming activity that greatly affects a legal practitioner’s ability to quickly prepare and complete a brief. What if you had a tool that could do this for you in minutes? Prime 6.0, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, comes with the new feature/tool, the A. I Document Review which reviews any written submissions, legal documents or contracts, while extracting all cited and relevant laws, case law, within the document. You simply need to copy and paste the document content in the area or upload the document you want to review. So, why don’t you give your document review process the super boost now?
  1. Counsel Profiling: To be an unbeatable legal practitioner, you need to add to your knowledge and expertise, real-time insights and technology-powered predictive analytics into how legal practitioners (from before 1960  to date) sway the court to their advantage. The new Counsel Profiling tool on Prime 6.0 is the legal insight and predictive analysis tool that gives you the competitively intelligent edge over others; enabling you to create unbeatable briefs.
  1. Textbooks and Journals: If you are a lawyer on the go and you always want to catch up on your legal reading even while you are away from the office, this is for you. The Textbooks & Journals on Prime 6.0 make accessing your digital library a breeze. Advance your research with access to our collection of journals, books and textbooks to enable you to glean from the vast knowledge of legal luminaries and experts like you across the globe, wherever you go. Once you upgrade to Prime 6.0 you can access this e-library and start with the free books and journals already made available just for you.
  1. Lagos State laws: Also on Prime 6.0 is the State Laws library where you can plug into the most robust legal e-library which now includes laws of states, starting with the Complete Laws of Lagos State (Annotated with relevant Cases). You no longer have to waste hours looking for the law on a matter within a state outside your practice locale. Simply purchase the complete laws of Lagos in bulk or one at a time.
  1. Extensive Improvements to existing functions and tools: The new Prime 6.0 also boasts of major improvements including:
    1. 10x faster Search Engine: A major improvement made to Prime is the elimination of some unrelated or imprecise search results. Your time is precious, therefore, Prime 6.0 saves time spent on searching and gives you better, more relevant and far more useful results, in less time.
    2. Unlock a robust collection of Updated Laws and Regulations: Another improvement is the frequency of judgments uploaded. Appellate judgments are received and uploaded promptly after delivery. With Prime 6.0 you have recently updated coverage of judgments and laws to give you better coverage while you prepare for your legal matter. Enabling you to research with total confidence. 
    3. Ability to Select, Copy and Paste the Laws of the Federation: Prime 6.0 drives efficient research by making it easy for you to reproduce a section of the laws while researching and paste it on your desired document with only a few quick taps.
    4. Enjoy a holistic experience with the redesigned Dashboard:  This new and improved version comes with a new Prime dashboard that shows all you need at a glance including links to articles, judgments reviews and resources on The LawPavilion Blog, a new Feedback portal for prompt issue reporting and resolution when you encounter a problem on Prime or have a feedback to share with us.

What’s more, the new Prime 6.0 is easy to use and gives you total coverage as a legal practitioner, because the ones who win are those who understand that legal expertise is more than just having law reports.

Once you have upgraded from your current Prime to Prime 6.0, simply purchase any of the new features by clicking on it on the dashboard and completing the process, using the In-App Purchase process.

For further enquiries, please send an email to customercare@lawpavilion.com

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lawpavilion • April 22, 2022

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