How Video Marketing can Improve every Lawyer’s Earnings


Although your options for online marketing are vast, nevertheless if you’re ready to venture into the sometimes-frustrating realm of online marketing, video production is a key area to consider.

Beyond the obvious fact that videos can catch our attention faster than posters and other forms of media do, video is also arguably much more dynamic. And these two features (attention and dynamism) are the primary reasons why videos are becoming a key focus point for all social media platforms.

People who are unable to sit through half a paragraph of a book are able to spend more than six hours binging on TV shows. See why you can’t overlook video?

The potential here is huge. People have so many legal questions they need answers to, but can’t find a worthy voice to plug in with. This presents a big opportunity for legal practitioners to earn directly from consultation, product promotion and third-party marketing (say, YouTube ads).

More so, the cost of production can be next to nothing. Any flagship smartphone from 2014 is capable of recording high-definition videos that are clear and audible enough for any consumer to view. So what do you need to start? A chair, a table (maybe), any tool to hold your phone steady while you record and a source of bright light (you can basically sit outside of your office/house at daytime).

Below are the three major forms of video we believe will reinforce any legal practitioner’s reputation and improve their earnings by a wide margin within months:

1. Legal brand video
First impressions are pivotal, so having a brand overview video that serves as a succinct visual introduction to encapsulate the essence of your practice or services will do wonders for your marketing efforts.

To create this sort of video, you need to first create a storyboard and a script to ensure that your production process is orderly and coherent. Here are some helpful questions to ask as you work your way through the storyboard process:

How do you want to market your service or firm?
What demographic does your service or firm target?
What optimal services do you offer that the competition lacks? (Unique value proposition)

Finally, be sure to include a brief history of your firm and slide in a call-to-action (e.g encourage interested clients to contact you).

2. Educational and FAQ videos

Creating FAQ videos can easily give the impression of your brand as a thought leader in your market, providing valuable insights and information to prospective clients.

Gather as much question as you can from prospective clients, colleagues, partners and open-ended sites (including social media and forums) that are relevant for legal scrutiny. These should be questions that your target audience(s) find valuable.

When you answer these questions, make sure that you’re not forcing a sales pitch into it, because people will notice that over time and may think you’re taking them on a fool’s ride. Also, make your answers concise and in simple language.

Finally, don’t forget to tell your audience how you can further help them (introducing your services smartly).

Platforms that are most effective for FAQs and Q&As are social media platforms (e.g Periscope – for Twitter, Instagram Live or IGTV for Instagram and Facebook Live). You can also put these live or recording sessions together afterwards and post on YouTube.

3. Case study videos

Case studies provide an opportunity for you to smartly blow your trumpet and assert your authority in your market. You have the opportunity to take your audience through the journey of your past cases and showcase your clients’ testimonials.

You should showcase stories like how you (or your firm) helped a client prevail through a difficult time. This demonstrates proficiency to your audience, and provide hope and confidence to viewers who may share some of the same struggles as the client whose story is being shared.

You can even get some of those past clients to feature in your video, if possible.

Also, keep in mind that it’s easy to make mistakes when producing these types of videos, so be sure to have a clear idea that is manageable for your production team.

lawpavilion • April 24, 2019

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