Become more than “Just a Lawyer”

The atmosphere was electric. The speakers were fiery. The participants were glued to the edge of their seats, animated. It had been one of the biggest and most educating law conferences organized in recent times. I quietly scanned the expansive hall where we were gathered, and I saw countless faces illuminated with expressions of hope,…

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Recently amended Laws of the Federation of Nigeria

PENSION REFORM ACT, 2014 The Pension Reform Act 2014 (the Act) was signed into Law on 1 July 2014 by the President. The Act repeals the Pension Reform Act No.2, 2004 and would continue to govern and regulate the administration of the Uniform Contributory Pension Scheme for both the Public and Private Sectors in Nigeria….

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5 Mistakes you must NEVER make in Court

We all know that everyone makes mistakes, and lawyers are no exception. The only problem is that when lawyers make mistakes in the course of handling a client’s case, the consequences may be very embarrassing or damning, depending on the gravity of the mistake or its implication for the client and to the image of…

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Unravelling the Black and White Myth

Why do Lawyers wear black? Of all the possible inquisitive questions one could ask in this world, this sure is a prominent one. How did the founding fathers of the law ever come up with the dress code for lawyers, and why, of all colours, BLACK?! Traditionally, people attach a lot of meaning, most of…

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How to move from being a Solo Lawyer to being an International Lawyer

Okay fine. So the title says you can move (suggesting to you that you can just leave a place and arrive at another with as little stress as possible, isn’t it?) from being a solo to an international. Hmm. So I am asking you. Is being a solo lawyer a hindrance to becoming international in…

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Be a SAN: Follow These Steps

There have been, at many times prior to now, calls to the Nigerian Bar Association from many quarters to totally abolish the title of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). Does that startle you? Thankfully, such calls have not been given much consideration, and rightfully so. We must admit though, that many of those who were…

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Help!!! My Law Firm pays me stipends

Many Law Graduates are looking for jobs… Do you know the rate of unemployment in Nigeria? I do. Here it is: an unprecedented high. Let’s check out a few figures. According to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, a record 23.9 percent of the employable workforce was unemployed in the year 2012. The projection for 2013…

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Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Your Scorecard

Hello friend, let’s keep this real simple and straight to the point. Many folks feel lawyers always have money, or at last will always do. Chances are you probably thought that way too, until you became one. Now, as you may know, the reality has never been more far-fetched. While it is true that lawyers…

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Till Debt Do Us Part: How you can make the most of your finances as a Lawyer

Recently I read the story of a law school graduate who was so neck deep in debt that he was not considering involvement in any status signifier (buying cars, renting an apartment, going on a date, getting married, owning a house etc.) for as much as 25 years into his future. All he cared about…

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