NBA AGC 2019 Roundup

Learned friends, The  NBA Annual General Conference has successfully come to an end. This year’s conference hosted about 12,000 legal professionals and had over 40 technical sessions, as well as plenaries. The expertise that these sessions featured was world-class. Many delegates expressed profound satisfaction with the conference. Find highlights and interviews across our social media platforms – search…

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NBA AGC DAILY – Wednesday 28th August 2019 Highlights

Learned friends, This year’s  NBA Annual General Conference is slowly grinding to a halt today with the Press Conference by the NBA President, Paul Usoro SAN and the Association’s Annual General Meeting scheduled to start by 9:30 am. It has indeed been a productive time for all. VISIT OUR BOOTH AT THE HARBOUR POINT EXHIBITION AREA…

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NBA AGC DAILY – Tuesday 27th August 2019 Highlights

Learned friends, The NBA AGC 2019 has been by far the most engaging gathering of legal professionals in Nigeria. With over 40 Technical Sessions and expository Plenary Sessions, conference delegates have learnt and engaged on topics that will shape the future of the profession for the better. Below are highlights of yesterday’s activities as well…

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Top Law Firms gear up for AfCFTA

as LawPavilion unveils Solicitors and Arbitrators’ Toolkit and AI-Powered Practice Management software. Following the launch of the LawPavilion Experience Centre in Lagos, these top law firms in Nigeria have been taking advantage of the premier Demo Day(s) hosted by LawPavilion Business Solutions LTD. And guess what? It has been all about digital transformation, enhancing human intelligence,…

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The Nagamoto Retainer: The Nagamoto Invoice

TRACKING YPUR PRODUCTIVITY PUTTING A VALUE ON YOUR TIME Its been 12 months now and Grace & Co has been representing Nagamoto industries all over Africa, the Law Firm has built a strong partnership with 20 law Firms across 15 countries across Africa, managing cross-jurisdictional teams on behalf of their prized client. Bar. Grace has…

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The Nagamoto Retainer: Keeping Nagamoto Happy

TIMELY NOTIFICATIONS CENTRAL CALENDAR MANAGING MULTIPLE BRIEFS ACROSS MULTIPLE CLIENTS USING MULTIPLE TEAMS Grace & Co has been effectively managing Nagamoto’s Corporate Commercial and Litigation briefs and has acquired more briefs from Nagamoto from the initial 2 briefs that they started with. One of the things that Bar. Grace is able to ensure is that…

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The Nagamoto Retainer: Team Performance

MANAGING CLIENT PERCEPTION ASSESSING STAFF PERFORMANCE OPTIMISING TIME (TIME IS EVERYTHING IN LEGAL PRACTICE) Bar. Grace is proud of her team, though only 7 in number, they have helped her build a strong and formidable law firm. Hamza is a corporate lawyer to the bones, he has only been to court twice in his 15-year…

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The Nagamoto Retainer: The Race Against Time

DOCUMENT DRAFTING AND REVIEW LEGAL RESEARCH PRACTICE AUTOMATION USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE While Bar. Grace was having a sleepless night, Bar. Nathan was also responding to the e-mail, he started working on the brief after sending his firm’s profile and a draft retainer agreement. He had some problems with the hourly rates as he was not…

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The Nagamoto Retainer: The Virtual Law Firm

TEAMS NOT BRANCH OFFICES HARNESSING COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE THE POWER OF DELEGATION THE BRIEF “Dear Bar. Grace, I write further to the instructions of our Founder and Chairman, Mr Hitoshi Nagamoto, and he sends his fond regards. In light of the above we require your Firm to do the following: 1. Indicate if you are willing…

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The Nagamoto Retainer: The Challenge

CLIENT CREATION BRIEF CREATION TEAM CREATION That evening Grace gets a surprise phone call from the Nagamoto Industries’ Head of Legal, Ms Miko Hiyabosa. She confirms that Grace met Mr Nagamoto earlier that day and informs her of the Brief that will be sent to her email in a few minutes, she also askes for…

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